FULL REGULATION-ART. 11-D. P. R. 430/2001 (hereinafter the "Regulation"”

CONTEST WITH PRIZE “CIAO ARCADE” (hereinafter the "Competition" or the "Contest")

  1. Identification data of the Promoter company

Duvetica International s.r. l., tax code. and VAT no 05132970285, R. E. A. N° VE-420404, with Registered office at (30124) Venezia, Sestiere San Marco 5369 / A (hereinafter also only "Duvetica “or the "Promoter"), owner of the trademark “Duvetica” and the website www.duvetica.com.

  1. Name of the event

The Contest is called "Ciao Arcade".

  1. Promoted goods-objective of the contest

The goods promoted are Duvetica branded clothing and related accessories as well as the website www.duvetica.com. This Contest is carried out with the intention of increasing the visibility of the Duvetica brand and to retain the end consumers by encouraging them to purchase the promoted products.

  1. Recipients

The Contest is aimed at Internet users of legal age at the time of participation in the event (hereinafter the “Participants” and/or the “Users” or, in the singular, the “Participant” and the “User” respectively).

  1. Contest geographical area

The Contest is valid throughout Italy, the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican State, and in any place, outside the national territory, having access to the website hosting the game in question.

  1. Duration of the Contest

The Contest will start on 7th October 2021 (from 00:00) and will end on 21st October 2021 (at 23:59).

  1. Advertising of the Contest and the Regulation

The advertising of the Contest will be strictly in accordance with this Regulation, and will be performed by the Promoter using appropriate online communication, on its website and on its social channels and through external digital and analogue partners (influencers, press), as well as using any other means of communication that the Promoter deems appropriate. The full Regulation are available from the Promoter and on the website www.duvetica.it.

  1. Server location

The server on which the registration of data and the management of entries in the contest is carried out is located on Italian territory. 

  1. Free participation

Participation in the contest is free, except for any ordinary postal, telephone or internet connection costs necessary for the purpose of participation.

  1. Participation methods

All Participants who, during the period of validity of the Contest (see Art. 6 of these rules), access the website https://ciaoarcade.duvetica.com/, will try the video game "Ciao Arcade" present on the site and at the end of each game they will be profiled by filling in all the mandatory data of the appropriate registration form and they will send the subsequent score to Duvetica, they will have the opportunity to enter the ranking and compete for the final award of prizes available.

  1. Limits on participation

In order to enter the ranking, and participate in the Contest, it is therefore necessary to register at the end of each round of the game and send the score achieved to the Promoter through the appropriate form. For each Participant in the contest, registration is associated with a unique combination of First Name, Last Name, email and Nickname, so each email address can be associated with a single Name, Last Name and Nickname of the user. Multiple emails related to the same user will not be allowed. The Promoter reserves the right to verify and cancel any additional registrations of the same Participant who has used different email addresses. Such registrations may also be invalidated retrospectively and in the event of a win it will be invalidated and the prize awarded to a reserve winner. No participation under false names or false identities or fictitious identities will be allowed. Also in this case, the Promoter reserves the right to verify the identity of the Participants and to take any appropriate action in the event of a violation of this rule. The Participants will be responsible for the personal data communicated and the Promoter assumes no responsibility for indicating false and/or untrue data. In any case, the Promoter, or third parties in charge and in compliance with the privacy legislation, reserve the right to verify the data entered by requesting a copy of an identity document to verify the veracity of the personal data provided. As a result of the aforementioned controls, subjects not entitled to participate will be automatically excluded from the contest and, in the event of a win, they will not be awarded a prize. Participants who, in the sole judgement of the Promoter or third parties that it appoints, are winners with means and tools deemed fraudulent or in violation of the normal conduct of the initiative, will not be able to enjoy the prize won in this way. The Promoter or third parties that it appoints, reserve the right to proceed, in the terms deemed most appropriate and in compliance with the laws in force, to limit and inhibit any initiative aimed at circumventing the system devised. The Promoter reserves the right to exclude any Participant if the rules of these rules are violated.

  1. Game mechanics

Only the correctly registered User (see art. 10 of this regulation) through the form which appears at the end of each game of the video game “CIao Arcade” and who have sent his score to Duvetica can participate in the contest. The video game is a skill game in the style of Temple Run where the participating User has to move the character inside a road using the PC keyboard (right arrow and left arrow keys) or by pressing with their finger on the right and left part of the screen of their smart phone; the objective is to collect as many tokens and objects as possible while avoiding obstacles. At the end of each game, the User will display their score which, after registration, it can send to Duvetica through the appropriate form. Subsequently it will receive an automatic email from the promoter with the confirmation of the receipt of the score. This will allow the User to enter a ranking based on the best score achieved among all the games on the video game “Ciao Arcade” completed during the duration of the contest. The score, therefore, is not cumulative.  The highest score of each individual User, and the last one sent by each Participant to Duvetica, will be managed and stored by the appropriate software developed for the purpose of this Contest, whose certificate of correct functioning is available at the Promoter.

  1. Final draw-prizes available - prize pool

By 30th November 2021, in the presence of a notary or the person responsible for consumer protection and the safeguarding of the public interest of the Chamber of Commerce, the 6 Users with the highest number of points will be selected. The top 3 (three) according to the order of ranking will win the prizes that consist of: 1st place n.1 Duvetica branded Down Jacket outerwear of the approximate value of 1,000.00 (thousand/00) euros net of VAT; 2nd place n. 1 Duvetica branded sweatshirt with an approximate value of 300.00 (three hundred/00) euros net of VAT; 3rd place n. 1 Duvetica branded t-shirt with a value of 200.00 (two hundred/00) euros net of VAT (the values of the prizes are to be understood as the value of the price list for the public on the date of the writing of this regulation). The total value of the premiums thus identified is equal to the approximate amount of 1,500.00 (One Thousand Five hundred/00) euros. Each prize is not replaceable and is not convertible into cash or into different goods or services, even if of lesser value. The next 3 (three) Users of the ranking will be considered as reserves. It is specified that in the case of a draw the moment of attaining the score will be taken into account, thus privileging the User who attained the score first. It is also specified that each User can win at most no. 1 (one) prize among those available.

  1. Deposit

The security, equal to 100% of the amount of the prizes up for grabs, referred to in art. 7 of the D. P. R. 430/2001, was lent by the Promoter in favour of the Ministry of Economic Development, by a bank transfer made in favour of Banca d'italia.

  1. Communication to winners and delivery of prizes

Following the confirmation minutes and the final draw, the winning Participants will be notified by email at the address issued during registration and will have to accept the prize within the time and in the manner communicated in the win notification email. In the event that the winner is out of reach or the acceptance is not valid (by way of example because of a failure to respond within the time and in the manner requested), the prize will be assigned to a reserve that must validate in turn the prize with the methods that will be indicated. Reserves will be contacted in order of placement only when it becomes necessary to use them. The Promoter, only after ascertaining the correctness of the participation, will send the prize. The Participant will lose the right to obtain the prize if the data provided during the participation phase is not confirmed and/or is found to be untrue. In the event that the Promoter is unable to deliver all or some of the prizes won, the Promoter reserves the right to replace the announced prizes with prizes of equal or greater value (circ. 28/03/2002 point 9.6). The Promoter assumes no responsibility in case of non-delivery of prizes due to the supply of incorrect data by the Participants. The Promoter is not responsible for the non-delivery of communications made to Participants due to the supply by them of incorrect and/or not updated data, to non-existent/incorrect email addresses, unavailable email addresses, to full or disabled mail boxes, to unreachable servers or because of anti-spam filters. According to your personal computer security settings and those defined by the “internet providers” some email communications, although without suspicious information or sensitive data and constantly guaranteed with special antivirus and antispam filters, could be recognized as spam or junk mail. It is therefore recommended to perform a quick consultation of the spam / junk folder. The prizes will be delivered to those entitled by post or courier directly to the address provided by the winner within the statutory time limit of 180 days from the moment of winning. The shipping of the prizes will be at the expense of the Promoter and nothing will be owed by the winner to the courier who will deliver them. On the contrary, the winner will have to bear the shipping costs in the event that, upon receipt, they unjustifiably refuse the prize and decides, later, to have it sent back, or if the shipping address provided is incorrect. Since the delivery of the prize takes place through transporters/shippers (couriers, express couriers or post), no liability is attributable to the promoter in the case of delivery of the prizes whose outer packaging has been obviously tampered with, broken and/or damaged. In the event that this happens, the prize will be sent back as long as this is ascertained at the time of delivery and not after its delivery. Therefore, the winner, or whoever has been responsible for the collection of the prize, is invited before signing the delivery note to carefully check that the package does not show obvious signs of tampering, breakage or similar, anything that suggests that the prize has been damaged in whole or in part and/or stolen totally. In case of legitimate doubt, the winner has the right to reject the prize with written reasons, or to withdraw it subject to verification. This reservation must be clearly indicated on the delivery note. Conditions for the delivery of the prize by the courier is the signing by the winner of a declaration of release (expressly provided for by circular 28 March 2002 N.1/AMTC issued by the Ministry of Economic Development) attesting the withdrawal of the prize. The Promoter assumes no responsibility in case of non-delivery of prizes due to the supply of incorrect addresses or personal data by the Participants or for postal errors.

  1. Prizes not awarded

The prizes, if not awarded for any reason, other than those refused, will be donated to the non-profit organization of utility (ONLUS) AILS Associazione Italiana Lotta alla Scleroderma with headquarters in via Gaetano Pini, 9,20122, Milan, Italy.

  1. Amendments to the regulation

In accordance with the provisions of art. 10 of DRP 430/2001, the Promoter may amend these regulations upon notification of the Ministry of Economic Development and provided that the amendments do not affect the rights obtained by the Participants in the contest. In this case, amendments to the regulation will be made known in the same way as they were informed of the regulation or in the same way.

  1. Waiver of right to reclaim witholding tax

The Promoter hereby waives the right to reclaim withholding tax as per art. 30 D. P. R. 600 of 29/09/1973 in favour of the winners.

  1. Guarantees and obligations

The collection of names on the web for participation in the contest and the mechanism for identifying the winners will take place by means of computer software for which a specific declaration in lieu of an affidavit on the correct functioning of the contest is drawn up and is available at the headquarters of the Promoter. The awarding and closing of the event shall be recorded in the presence of a notary or the person in charge of the public faith competent for the territory (art. 9 of the D. P. R. 26th October 2001, n° 430). This Contest takes place in compliance with the D. P. R. 26th October 2001, n° 430 and according to the instructions indicated in Circular 28 March N° 1/AMTC of the Ministry of Economic Development. Participation in this prize event implies for the Participant the unconditional and total acceptance of the rules and clauses contained in these rules without any limitation, including the indicated value of the prizes available. Users who, according to the unquestionable judgement of the Promoter or of third parties appointed by the same, participate using means and instruments capable of bypassing the element of chance, or in any case judged to be suspicious, fraudulent or in breach of the normal course of the initiative, will be excluded from participation and will not be able to enjoy any prize won. Therefore, the Promoter, or third parties appointed by it, reserve the right to proceed, in the terms deemed most appropriate (which include, if deemed necessary, the request of the identity document), and in compliance with the laws in force, to limit and inhibit any initiative aimed at circumventing the system devised. The Promoter does not exercise the activity of Internet Provider and does not derive any economic profit from the connection; it is also specified that it will not receive any gain deriving from the data collection of Participants and the data collection will take place in compliance with EU 679/2016 (“GDPR”).

  1. Electronic and telematic tools

The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any problem of access, malfunction or difficulties regarding the technical instruments, computer, telephone line, cable, electronics, software, and hardware, transmission and connection, the internet connection, the telephone network (land line and mobile) that might prevent a User from participating in the Contest. It also rejects any responsibility for problems caused by the configuration of the user's computer/device that could affect the performance of the user during the game.

  1. Disclaimer and Privacy

The Promoter guarantees that the processing of the personal data provided by the Participants in relation to this prize contest is carried out in compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data, as reported in the appropriate website link available from the registration form.

It is understood that Participants in this event will be asked to confirm their age at registration. Participation implies for the consumer the unconditional and total acceptance of the rules and clauses contained in this regulation without any limitation.

Milan, 17/09/2021

The Promoter

DUVETICA International s.r.l.